Documentary Project – Complete!

So after doing a lot of shooting on tons of 120mm B&W film (and a few backup images on my Nikon DSLR), I finally managed to pull 40 of my best images together for my documentary project! It was a ton of work and I had to sneak in a few of my images from my Nikon D3200 since I ran out of film to shoot with.

I eventually decided against filling a portfolio box with 40 images and instead chose to make a photo book of my project. I wasn’t that good with the title, but I think the book turned out great!


Opening the book and scanning in each page or showing you each photo that’s in the book would be a huge hassle for me. So for now, my website will soon be updated with all 40 of my images as a featured series. If only I could sneak in the time to properly edit my website. . .

Running Into Problems in Documentary Project

So I have a few weeks left to continue shooting for my documentary project before I can start putting everything together. It’s been somewhat difficult lately because I ran out of film to use with my Holga and affording film tends to sway towards the expensive side.

To counter this, I’ve taken to shooting with my Nikon D3200 as backup in case shooting all of my images on my Holga is next to impossible due to how little time I have left. But I’m not a quitter and sometimes, you just have to improvise!

Below are contact sheets of more work from this project with my Holga 120N. I seem to be getting better at getting the right exposure for my photos! What do you think?


Working on Documentary Project…

Hey everyone! This post is kind of late, but I’ve been really busy on a documentary project for one of my classes. I’m currently trying to document a park in Switzerland, FL called Alpine Groves and I usually go out to shoot every Sunday.

But according to my professor, the final project has to be a photo book containing at least 40 images of our work. I have been making hard prints to determine how they should look in the photo book (you can thank our professor for drilling that into our heads), but don’t worry; I’ve made JPEG files of each of my prints to show later down the road!

Anyway, here are some contact sheets I’ve made by scanning in the developed film. I’m shooting this project using my trusty Holga 120N and so far, I’ve been doing great! What do you think?

img002 img003

img006 img008

Unwinding in the Sawmill Preserve

So I finally got some time between my classes to walk in the Sawmill Preserve near my university. I haven’t been there to unwind in a long time and it was still morning, so I thought bringing my trusty Nikon DSLR with me wouldn’t hurt.

I managed to get some awesome shots and some shooting practice. Considering how peaceful the trail is, I wanted to capture its beauty and serenity in my photos. Below are my best shots! Each one was taken with my Nikon D3200.

I’m also looking to enter these into the Pre-Serve Gallery opening/contest going on at my college and I’ll shoot some more. But from my results, I think I have a shot at being chosen! (no pun intended)

_DSC0023 (1024x681)

_DSC0004 (1024x681)

_DSC0017 (681x1024) _DSC0046 (681x1024)

Project: Oil/Water Abstractions

For one of my projects, I wanted to shoot abstract photos of oil and water mixed together in a container. I shot 15 photos in this series, but I only selected the six best shots out of the group. Some of the results were the combination of two or more photos. I had fun with this and although I won’t do it again in the future, I will dab more into abstract photography!

Here are the six photos below:

Suspension & Attraction

Golden Spheres

Glass Oil

Oil Water 5

Prism Spheres

Oil Water 1

Paper Abstract in the Studio

Last week and a half, I was tasked with coming up with unique photos of a piece of paper folded up, crumpled or torn. The trick was that I had to use only one sheet of paper, no more than that. This entire project was shot in the studio of the Photo Lab building of my college.

It was not an easy task, but I managed to boil my set down to two unique photos that did the job successfully! They are seem below.

Milk White JPEG

Paper Statue JPEG

Continuation of “Two People, One Person”

Hey guys! I’ve been working hard all last semester and my Summer Term semester will soon start. But I’ve also been brainstorming on different kinds of projects I will do in my spare time and believe me, I’ve come up with so many ideas for new projects.

But I’m here to talk to you about my last project that was used as a final project for my Digital Imaging class last semester.

What project, you ask? This one: Two People, One Person!


I actually enjoyed this project since it dealt with the ideas of both Split Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. As I might have said in the post showing my project, I was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and playing cards.

I really want to expand on this project more, so I will be continuing this project in the future. I’m still working on the Naturalistic project too, but I will have another project to do in my spare time!

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on what I will be doing in the future. Until then, have fun and expand your imagination!