A Camera Bursting with History & Creativity!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog. I seriously need to get back into that, but I have so much work to do since I’m taking on three classes this semester…

Anyway, after waiting for about two days, another lovely plastic camera was delivered to me today! What was this camera, you ask? The one, the only…

The Diana F+ Camera!!!!!


I’ve had my eye on this since a fellow classmate let me take a look at it during one class day. It was right then that I decided to get one for myself and see how my images would look after shooting with it. It has basic controls for the shutter, focusing and aperture, but in a very simple way that isn’t super complicated and allows way more focus on creativity and storytelling!

I don’t really expect it to have the same results as my Holga 120N, but it’s a plastic camera and you know I adore shooting with plastic cameras! Once I save some more money and get more film rolls, I will be doing a test roll for this camera just to see how it works. Stay tuned until then!

Results of 35 mm Film from Vivitar v3800n!

Okay, so I finally managed to not only get my film developed, but also scanned into the computer so my results could be shared with you! Sadly, these results are from the last time I shot with my 35 mm SLR until the camera was sold to someone who wanted to try out photography for the first time. But it was fine due to me enjoying the use of the camera for shooting on my free time.

Anyway, the results are shown below. I did pretty well, but some of the photos were over-exposed or under-exposed.

35mm Vivitar Scan 1

BW Vivitar Scan 2

BW Vivitar Scan 3

I still have another roll of 620 mm film to shoot and develop, but I’ll have to do that on my free time due to the schedule I have now. Until next post and keep shooting!

Past Attempt at Pinhole Photography

Just recently, I was going through my stuff in my room since one of my resolutions for this year is to de-clutter and reduce. Upon opening my storage bin, I discovered the lost photos of when I shot pinhole photos for the first time!

Pinhole Photos with Camera

I had about seven images in total that I created. They were made last year during an assignment I had in an Alternative Camera class in a previous semester.

Pinhole Photos

Two of the images are in bad shape because I didn’t fix them in the fixer bath long enough, but each pinhole image was made on photo paper. I scanned the good ones into the computer to see what they looked like.

Handmade Pinhole 1 Pinhole 2 Pinhole 3        Pinhole 4

The camera used last year to make these was a homemade pinhole camera box I created from a wooden box I got from a nearby craft store. I haven’t finished decorating it and it needs an extra coating of black acrylic paint inside, but it succeeded in making the images!

NatureBox Pinhole 2  NatureBox Pinhole 4

I will be getting back into making more pinhole images with my homemade camera and I was thinking about making warped street/alley pinhole photos. I might even tap back into doing pinhole landscapes as well.

But for now, I’ll put the remaining touches on the camera box and cut some more photo paper for future shooting! Keep shooting, everyone!

Getting Back Into 35mm Film

Hello again! It’s a new semester at my college and I’ve been wanting to get back into shooting rolls of film as a hobby when I have free time. More particularly, I’ve been wanting to get back into shooting 35mm film.

So I went to the campus bookstore and purchased two rolls of Ilford 35mm film rolls. One of them has already been loaded into my Vivitar v3800N, so I’m just waiting for the weekend roll by so I can go out and start shooting. Plus, I’ll have to get some new batteries since the ones I have for my Vivitar went dead recently.


Once I’m done shooting, I will try to develop the rolls and show the results here. Until then, I’ll see you in the next post! Keep shooting!

Results of First 620mm Film Roll from Kodak Brownie!

Hello, everyone! After completing my semester project and a few other assignments, I had enough free time on my hands to go shooting with my beloved Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20! Plus, I already had two rolls of 620mm film and the weather called for sunny skies, so why not enjoy the air and get some photos too?

I had a total of 12-13 exposures and the film was black & white instead of color. I shot mostly landscapes and nature scenes because that’s usually what I shoot when I’m outside. But on the second film roll, I’m thinking about shooting close-ups of objects or even abstractions in places. After all, I do like doing abstract and macro photography…

Anyway, below are the results after I rolled and developed the film at the Photo Lab on campus. I think they turned out pretty good!



Holga 135 Panoramic Camera Photos!

Hello guys! I’ve been extremely busy with college work, job hunting and planning for future personal projects. Plus, I did a little clothes shopping for some new sweaters and shirts for the Autumn season (don’t hate; I’m a Fall baby!).

Anyway, I’m really late on posting this, but here are the two best shots I made from the Holga 135 Panoramic camera during my project from class! Both were taken at the Glen Kernan golf course near the entrance before a rain shower rolled in.

Golf Course

Golf Course 2