My Perspective on Photography

Photography has been done for decades. It originally started out as a form of documentation for reporters for newspapers. But as technology progressed, more artists found ways to use cameras for their art pieces, fashion was determined by the portraits of models in magazines and documentation of events became easier to manage.

I discovered photography in 9th grade when I joined a club at the high school I attended. During that time, my only two cameras were my cell phone and a small digital 6MP camera. Digital photography was what I worked with first; I never had any experience with film photography. But looking through the lens of a camera helped me discover something amazing about the art world. I fell more in love with taking photos while improving my camera handling skills at the same time. These two tactics alone created a bunch of amazing photos that you may see on this blog (and many more in my shop on Etsy).

To be a photographer, one must simply not just know how to use a camera and its settings. The person must try to tell stories using his/her tactics as well as create visually appealing images that anyone can enjoy. This can be done with any camera; no one needs to limit themselves to just a DLSR, an SLR or even a typical point-and-shoot camera. Photography allows you to experiment on new tactics as wells utilize the ones you already know or learned. Try picking up a camera and snap a few photos while looking through the lens. You’ll be very surprised how far you can go!


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