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I’m currently a college student living in a dorm at the University of North Florida. I started at a community college before I came here. College has been (so far) an amazing journey for me as I continue to pursue a Bachelor’s in my favorite subject: photography.

Taking photos has been a hobby that started when I joined a photography club in 9th grade. I realized that seeing through the lens of camera puts everything in an artistic light and anyone can be artistic with any camera, even a smartphone. After that year, I started taking several photos with any camera that I got my hands on. Along the way, I wanted to turn my serious hobby of photography to a career and have people from all over the world see my work and talent. The result was a shop created on Etsy, under the name LeafSketch.

Since then, I have been faithfully running the shop and attending college at the same time. Both can be draining on me, but I still make time to take more photos when the opportunity is there. Anyone can take a photo, but a true artist tells a story with photos.


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