Documentary Project – Complete!

So after doing a lot of shooting on tons of 120mm B&W film (and a few backup images on my Nikon DSLR), I finally managed to pull 40 of my best images together for my documentary project! It was a ton of work and I had to sneak in a few of my images from my Nikon D3200 since I ran out of film to shoot with.

I eventually decided against filling a portfolio box with 40 images and instead chose to make a photo book of my project. I wasn’t that good with the title, but I think the book turned out great!


Opening the book and scanning in each page or showing you each photo that’s in the book would be a huge hassle for me. So for now, my website will soon be updated with all 40 of my images as a featured series. If only I could sneak in the time to properly edit my website. . .


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