Finding Buried Treasure at Goodwill

So it’s been a couple of days and after finally completing my documentary project, I figured it was time to slow down, relax and look around for a bit. This included checking out a few stores nearby, which lead me to check out the nearest Goodwill thrift store.

As for me doing a bit of clothes shopping at Goodwill, that’s designated for an entirely different post. But I happened to be browsing when something caught my eye in one of the small bins near the kitchen appliances. I dug out the item and it turned out to be a plastic camera!

Not just any plastic camera. This happened to be the Vivitar IC 1200, a 35mm plastic camera!


The best part? It was only $1.05! I happily paid for it and after bragging about it to my professors at my university, I’m ready to pop in a roll of 35mm film and begin shooting!

This camera is pretty basic. It has a fixed focus, a flash and there’s not much controls you can use. You just simply point and shoot away (pun intended). There is a slot for one AA battery so you can use the flash and when you’re done, you press the small button down at the top and you simply roll up your film before popping out the film’s container for developing.


I might shoot some 35mm color film on it, but for now I’ll use black-and-white 35mm film. I do want to relax for a while and use up the last roll of 120mm film in my Holga 120N before starting with this little gem though. When that’s done, I can’t wait to start shooting with this camera!


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