Found Another (Possible) Plastic Camera!

My camera hunt continues and my interest in the Olympus Trip 35 has not disappeared. But I’ve been also checking out plastic cameras and toy cameras since that’s where my niche lies.

After roaming through Ebay, Amazon and Google, I stumbled upon another plastic camera that piped my interest! What’s this camera, you ask?

The Imperial Savoy!

Credit to

Credit to

This little green treasure shoots 620mm film and it’s a basic as it gets! There are no adjustments for exposure and the lens has a fixed focus. This means that anything goes when you take photos with this, unlike the Holga where you can make light adjustments to the camera before firing.

I really like this camera because I don’t really like to focus on getting the settings correct and prefer to focus on composing what I want in my shots for artistic value (well, this could actually apply to why I love shooting with plastic cameras and toy cameras in general). This camera might be added to my collection, but I’m really torn between this and the Olympus Trip 35…

Oh well. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a photographer and analog camera fanatic!


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