Update | Trying 35mm Film Again?

Hello guys; I’m back! I’m SO sorry about not posting as often on this blog since life tends to get in the way of my hobbies. I’ve been focusing on trying to hurry up and graduate since I’m a college senior now and I had to move from the previous apartment since I couldn’t afford the rent anymore. It’s just been really rough for me and that’s why I’ve been missing from here.

But I’m back and I have some news for you! You guys already know that I LOVE my two plastic cameras: the Holga 120N and the Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20. But I haven’t been able to purchase any 120mm or 620mm film for a long time due to financial problems and it’s been driving me crazy not being able to shoot film to pass the time.

Plus, I’ve been bitten by the 35mm film bug again and I found myself looking at 35mm film cameras to see which one I would like to try out so I can get back into shooting 35mm film again.

Well, after searching on Google, Ebay and watching several YouTube videos (including the one about the Canon 5D Mark IV being released), I’ve settled on wanting a particular camera for getting back into 35mm film! What’s the camera, you ask?

A beloved treasure called the Olympus Trip 35!!

Credit by lewiscollard.com

Credit by lewiscollard.com

According to its origin, several copies were made in Japan and this camera was aimed at consumers as a light camera to take for traveling or everyday shooting. Plus, it’s solar-powered by a solar battery attached to the front of the lens! How awesome is that?

I’ll be putting this camera down on the Photography List of Wants, but for now I have to focus on starting a documentary project for one of my classes. I really want to use my Holga for this project, but I need a lot of film rolls first. Oh well; I’ll figure out something and if I don’t I can always turn to my trusty Nikon D3200 for backup.

What other 35mm film cameras do you recommend I try? Let me know in the Comments below!


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