Results of 35 mm Film from Vivitar v3800n!

Okay, so I finally managed to not only get my film developed, but also scanned into the computer so my results could be shared with you! Sadly, these results are from the last time I shot with my 35 mm SLR until the camera was sold to someone who wanted to try out photography for the first time. But it was fine due to me enjoying the use of the camera for shooting on my free time.

Anyway, the results are shown below. I did pretty well, but some of the photos were over-exposed or under-exposed.

35mm Vivitar Scan 1

BW Vivitar Scan 2

BW Vivitar Scan 3

I still have another roll of 620 mm film to shoot and develop, but I’ll have to do that on my free time due to the schedule I have now. Until next post and keep shooting!


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