Past Attempt at Pinhole Photography

Just recently, I was going through my stuff in my room since one of my resolutions for this year is to de-clutter and reduce. Upon opening my storage bin, I discovered the lost photos of when I shot pinhole photos for the first time!

Pinhole Photos with Camera

I had about seven images in total that I created. They were made last year during an assignment I had in an Alternative Camera class in a previous semester.

Pinhole Photos

Two of the images are in bad shape because I didn’t fix them in the fixer bath long enough, but each pinhole image was made on photo paper. I scanned the good ones into the computer to see what they looked like.

Handmade Pinhole 1 Pinhole 2 Pinhole 3        Pinhole 4

The camera used last year to make these was a homemade pinhole camera box I created from a wooden box I got from a nearby craft store. I haven’t finished decorating it and it needs an extra coating of black acrylic paint inside, but it succeeded in making the images!

NatureBox Pinhole 2  NatureBox Pinhole 4

I will be getting back into making more pinhole images with my homemade camera and I was thinking about making warped street/alley pinhole photos. I might even tap back into doing pinhole landscapes as well.

But for now, I’ll put the remaining touches on the camera box and cut some more photo paper for future shooting! Keep shooting, everyone!


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