Holga 135 Panoramic Contact Sheets

Hello everyone! I finally got done shooting with the Holga 135 Panoramic camera! Three rolls of Ilford Black & White film were used and I even tested the pinhole lens for a couple shots.

After developing the rolls, I placed them in negative holders and scanned them in the computer to make some contact sheets of my work. There were three contact sheets in total and I have to turn in hard copies to my professor during the critique. Luckily, I made JPEGs of all three so I can show them to you!

Here are the results from using the Holga 135 Panoramic!

Holga 135 Contact Sheet 1       img002

Below is the result of me using the pinhole lens for this camera. I didn’t really do so well on my first try and I discovered that my photos needed a lot more seconds to be properly exposed. Nonetheless, here are the shots.


I will be doing some more work soon and once it gets completed, I will post them here! Take care and keep shooting!


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