Testing a New Plastic Camera

Hello, everyone! I’m just starting my two classes in the Fall Term and one of them involves me using plastic cameras and toy cameras to shoot photo projects. I’m particularly sure that I will love this class because I love shooting with these kinds of cameras!

You may have remembered from my my previous posts that I have two plastic cameras in my possession: the Holga 120N and the Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20. As a class assignment, each student had to pick a camera from the bundle of cameras on a table and shoot several rools of film on it to discover how the chosen camera works and if you like it enough to use it in the future.

After scanning each camera carefully, I decided to pick one that I could use at the time since I only had enough money for one roll of film for the camera I chose.

What was the camera? The one and only: Holga 135 Panoramic!

Holga 135 Panoramic Camera BoxHolga 135 Panoramic Camera Box Back

Holga 135 Panoramic Camera

As of now, I have already used it once and plan on using it for future shoots. Until I develop the film roll that I shot with, I can’t really show you the pictures. But this thing has its quirks and gimmicks and when used correctly, you can make some awesome panoramic images worthy of being sold for offices, homes, restaurants and more!

I’ll test the camera some more before I give my own personal thoughts about it. Until then, I will try to post my results from it on here! Stay tuned and keep shooting!


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