Film Shooting Update!

Hello everyone! I recently got done shooting four rolls of film from my three film cameras: the Vivitar V3800n, the Holga 120N and the Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20!

It wasn’t easy and I made sure to use my tripod in case my handheld photo techniques were not as good as I wanted them to be. Oh well, there’s no shame in requiring a little assistance in the equipment that you have. It’s what makes the effort worthwhile!

Anyway, out of the four rolls of film I shot, two are black-and-white film rolls. This means that I can develop them at the Photo Lab at my university campus and see how I did. The other two are color film rolls, so I have to wait until I get a little more money to send them to a professional darkroom to have them developed using the C-41 process.

Here are my rolls of film, waiting to be developed!


Once my rolls are developed, I promise to scan the negatives into the computer and reveal them to you in this blog! Until then, keep reading, keep practicing and keep shooting, my beloved readers and photographers!


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