Adding Another Camera to Collection!

Hello, everyone! My Summer Term at my university has ended and I’m all done with projects for now. But I’m here to deliver some more exciting news to you!

I still want to shoot with film and create some awesome images to show here and sell. But I didn’t want to do it with a 35mm SLR camera. Then the Kodak Brownie came in and while it was tricky to hold steady for shooting, I managed to take some good photos with the one roll of black & white film I had left.

But I had two rolls of color film and I had special plans for them that didn’t really involve me shooting with the Kodak Brownie. So, I placed an order for another special plastic camera.

Guess what, folks. That camera arrived yesterday! Know what camera it was that I ordered?

The one and only: Holga 120N!!!!!


Now don’t get me wrong; I have shot with another Holga 120N that I borrowed from the Photo Lab for an assignment a semester ago. Since then, I LOVE shooting with it and I thought I’d get one for myself to use in future projects and photos.

So here it is for you all to see! I will be shooting color film and black & white film on this as well since shooting with this has been easy for me.

For anyone who hasn’t tried plastic cameras like the Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20 or the Holga 120N, I encourage you to try it! It’s fun and allows you to strectch your creativity to make things that you didn’t think were possible!

Until next post, everyone!


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