New Antique Camera!

Hello! Summer Term has been going well, but it can still be stressful at times with most of the assignments back-to-back. On top of that, I got hired today for a volunteer photo shoot at a garden party for the Ronald McDonald corporation. How great is that?

Aside from all that jazz, I got a bit of great news to tell you!

Recently at the Photo Lab on campus, I got a free gift from the lab technician (Translation: he just sat a box of stuff outside his office and I went through it for anything valuable).

You know what my gift was? This wonderful gem, the Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20!


I went to one of my professors to see if it still works and it does! It’s supposed to take 620mm film (the kind Kodak made so people would buy the company’s product only), but with a little modification, it can also take 120mm film. Batteries are needed for the flash, but I have no bulb for the socket, so I’m not intending on using it.

Since I have this camera, I will soon be shooting black & white film and color film too! I’ve done black & white film before, but never color film, so it will be my first time using that kind of film.

Once the shooting is done, I’ll try to upload as much of the results as I can to this blog! See you soon and keep shooting!


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