“Real Estate Photographer” For A Day

Last weekend, I got a ride from my mother to some huge houses in a country club-like upscale neighborhood near the one we live in. Most of the houses there were like McMansions and there were even a few people living there. I’ll admit; I felt like I didn’t belong there because the houses seemed more suitable for wealthy people. . .

Anyway, since the interiors were stunning and I had already brought my camera and tripod along, I decided to play the role of a real estate photographer for a day. For every other room we looked at, I snapped several photos of the décor.

Some of them turned out too dark, so I had to brighten them in post-editing. Other than that, they looked great! I just need to stop shooting during midday though. . .

_DSC0180 _DSC0185 _DSC0192 _DSC0202 _DSC0211


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