Upcoming Project Annoucement

Hello readers! Usually I post my photos and projects on this blog, but I have an annoucement of sorts to tell you guys!

I haven’t been on here for a while because I’ve been researching other photographers, from history and currently in today’s generation. Out of all the photographers I looked at, there was one that caught my attention the most.

Who is that, you ask?

Peter Henry Emerson.


For those who don’t know, Emerson was one of the main reasons the idea of naturalistic photography appeared in history. This was in opposition to the alteration of photos and the stitiching together of negatives to create one image. Emerson believed that not everything in a photo had to be in sharp focus and some parts could be in soft focus.

Most of his photos showed people in rural settings with hard labor and the outdoors. More importantly, the photos were shot in natural settings, something that Emerson valued and was recognized for greatly.

Why did I mention this? I was inspired by his idea and decided to create a series of my own.

In my series, there will be typologies and photos that will have slight to no post-editing at all. I started this last weekend and will continue for a while.

So far I have two images and two typologies that will soon be posted on this blog for you to see.

More to come soon! Until next post, readers!


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