A Camera Bursting with History & Creativity!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog. I seriously need to get back into that, but I have so much work to do since I’m taking on three classes this semester…

Anyway, after waiting for about two days, another lovely plastic camera was delivered to me today! What was this camera, you ask? The one, the only…

The Diana F+ Camera!!!!!


I’ve had my eye on this since a fellow classmate let me take a look at it during one class day. It was right then that I decided to get one for myself and see how my images would look after shooting with it. It has basic controls for the shutter, focusing and aperture, but in a very simple way that isn’t super complicated and allows way more focus on creativity and storytelling!

I don’t really expect it to have the same results as my Holga 120N, but it’s a plastic camera and you know I adore shooting with plastic cameras! Once I save some more money and get more film rolls, I will be doing a test roll for this camera just to see how it works. Stay tuned until then!


Documentary Project – Complete!

So after doing a lot of shooting on tons of 120mm B&W film (and a few backup images on my Nikon DSLR), I finally managed to pull 40 of my best images together for my documentary project! It was a ton of work and I had to sneak in a few of my images from my Nikon D3200 since I ran out of film to shoot with.

I eventually decided against filling a portfolio box with 40 images and instead chose to make a photo book of my project. I wasn’t that good with the title, but I think the book turned out great!


Opening the book and scanning in each page or showing you each photo that’s in the book would be a huge hassle for me. So for now, my website will soon be updated with all 40 of my images as a featured series. If only I could sneak in the time to properly edit my website. . .

Finding Buried Treasure at Goodwill

So it’s been a couple of days and after finally completing my documentary project, I figured it was time to slow down, relax and look around for a bit. This included checking out a few stores nearby, which lead me to check out the nearest Goodwill thrift store.

As for me doing a bit of clothes shopping at Goodwill, that’s designated for an entirely different post. But I happened to be browsing when something caught my eye in one of the small bins near the kitchen appliances. I dug out the item and it turned out to be a plastic camera!

Not just any plastic camera. This happened to be the Vivitar IC 1200, a 35mm plastic camera!


The best part? It was only $1.05! I happily paid for it and after bragging about it to my professors at my university, I’m ready to pop in a roll of 35mm film and begin shooting!

This camera is pretty basic. It has a fixed focus, a flash and there’s not much controls you can use. You just simply point and shoot away (pun intended). There is a slot for one AA battery so you can use the flash and when you’re done, you press the small button down at the top and you simply roll up your film before popping out the film’s container for developing.


I might shoot some 35mm color film on it, but for now I’ll use black-and-white 35mm film. I do want to relax for a while and use up the last roll of 120mm film in my Holga 120N before starting with this little gem though. When that’s done, I can’t wait to start shooting with this camera!

Running Into Problems in Documentary Project

So I have a few weeks left to continue shooting for my documentary project before I can start putting everything together. It’s been somewhat difficult lately because I ran out of film to use with my Holga and affording film tends to sway towards the expensive side.

To counter this, I’ve taken to shooting with my Nikon D3200 as backup in case shooting all of my images on my Holga is next to impossible due to how little time I have left. But I’m not a quitter and sometimes, you just have to improvise!

Below are contact sheets of more work from this project with my Holga 120N. I seem to be getting better at getting the right exposure for my photos! What do you think?


Working on Documentary Project…

Hey everyone! This post is kind of late, but I’ve been really busy on a documentary project for one of my classes. I’m currently trying to document a park in Switzerland, FL called Alpine Groves and I usually go out to shoot every Sunday.

But according to my professor, the final project has to be a photo book containing at least 40 images of our work. I have been making hard prints to determine how they should look in the photo book (you can thank our professor for drilling that into our heads), but don’t worry; I’ve made JPEG files of each of my prints to show later down the road!

Anyway, here are some contact sheets I’ve made by scanning in the developed film. I’m shooting this project using my trusty Holga 120N and so far, I’ve been doing great! What do you think?

img002 img003

img006 img008

Found Another (Possible) Plastic Camera!

My camera hunt continues and my interest in the Olympus Trip 35 has not disappeared. But I’ve been also checking out plastic cameras and toy cameras since that’s where my niche lies.

After roaming through Ebay, Amazon and Google, I stumbled upon another plastic camera that piped my interest! What’s this camera, you ask?

The Imperial Savoy!

Credit to camera-wiki.org

Credit to camera-wiki.org

This little green treasure shoots 620mm film and it’s a basic as it gets! There are no adjustments for exposure and the lens has a fixed focus. This means that anything goes when you take photos with this, unlike the Holga where you can make light adjustments to the camera before firing.

I really like this camera because I don’t really like to focus on getting the settings correct and prefer to focus on composing what I want in my shots for artistic value (well, this could actually apply to why I love shooting with plastic cameras and toy cameras in general). This camera might be added to my collection, but I’m really torn between this and the Olympus Trip 35…

Oh well. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a photographer and analog camera fanatic!

Unwinding in the Sawmill Preserve

So I finally got some time between my classes to walk in the Sawmill Preserve near my university. I haven’t been there to unwind in a long time and it was still morning, so I thought bringing my trusty Nikon DSLR with me wouldn’t hurt.

I managed to get some awesome shots and some shooting practice. Considering how peaceful the trail is, I wanted to capture its beauty and serenity in my photos. Below are my best shots! Each one was taken with my Nikon D3200.

I’m also looking to enter these into the Pre-Serve Gallery opening/contest going on at my college and I’ll shoot some more. But from my results, I think I have a shot at being chosen! (no pun intended)

_DSC0023 (1024x681)

_DSC0004 (1024x681)

_DSC0017 (681x1024) _DSC0046 (681x1024)